CLCA offers a range of business consultancy services, on a short, medium and long term basis.

We are exceptionally equipped to advise on starting and growing a modern businesses and have helped launch new products and services on an international scale, from initial innovation to generating revenues through sales, investments and funding.

The key to successful growth strategy is a good business plan.  We will help small start-ups and established business avoid the expensive pit falls by setting out a logical and practical road map.

We have helped multinational corporations and small start-ups get access to funding.

Setting out the development road map, with a detailed examination of the financial forecasts, is critical, not only for your piece of mind, but to successfully gain access to finance, one must have a solid strategic three to five year plan formalised.

Analysing your business in a systematic manner helps not only focus the mind, but will also help open doors.  A good plan allows you to examine the potential for growth in the future, whilst maintaining a close analysis of your finances going forward, so as to avoid any of the pitfalls associated with rapid growth.  Having a good business plan is essential, when seeking funding from investors and lending institutions.

 CLCA can help with a detailed business plan, from competitive analysis to financials and sales & marketing strategies.  We have been involved in the patenting process for over 10 years and specialise in IP landscaping.

Our flexible plans can be tailored to meet your requirements, budget and availability.


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